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Finance Operations

includes the Finance Services Teams

  • Manages accounts payable and receivable
  • Purchases goods & services
  • Processes customer billing
  • Processes credit card expenses
  • Processes expense reimbursements
  • Manages travel administration


Research Finance

  • Opens new grant projects in the finance system
  • Provides advice on grant balances and treatment of any surplus or deficit
  • Provides advice on allowable expenditure
  • Monitors compliance with grant rules - including advice on purchasing and credit card expenditure
  • Prepares calculations to advise on total payroll costs for staff salaries charged to research projects
  • Ensures timely billing of grant bodies
  • Ensures timely allocation of interest to projects where applicable
  • Prepares progress and finance reports for submission 


Management Reporting and Analysis

  • Prepare budgets
  • Prepare forecasts
  • Perform non-research general accounting
  • Provide management reports & analysis
  • Provide business advice & support


Finance Business Partner

  • Develops UNSW’s finance strategy
  • Provides commercial support
  • Undertakes student load and workforce planning
  • Provides business advice & support.


Treasury, Investments and Insurance

  • Manages UNSW’s investments
  • Manages treasury and insurance 

Group Financial Control

  • Perform statutory financial reporting
  • Manage policy, financial compliance and financial process control
  • Provide specialist advice and support including tax
  • Manage financial data integrity
  • Manage tax compliance


Faculty & Divisional Support Forms
Academic Project Financials - Authorised Nominee

Portfolio Managers to use this form to authorise others to view the financials for their project(s).

Academic Project Financials - Authorised Nominee Form

(Click here to find out how the Academic Project Financials access works)

L30 - Request for Internal Debit

Use this form for a request for Internal Debit, single entry. l30_request_for_internal_debit.pdf

L50 - Request for Internal Debit

Use this form for a request for Internal Debit, multiple entry. L50 Request for Internal Debit

BCJR - Bulk Charge Journal Request

Use this form to request a Bulk Charge Journal (Debit/Credit). BCJR Bulk Charge Journal Request Form

PROCESS - Process

Flow diagram of the process of adding or changing Chartfields in NS Financials. Process Flow

DEPT - Department

Application to add or modify a department, Fund, Program or Class.  Department Chartfield Modification form.

ACCOUNT - Account

Application to add or modify an Account code. Account Chartfield Modification Form Modification Form

PROJECT - Project

To apply to add or modify a Project for Non General Fund projects, send an email request to 


Application to open a Project for the receipt of external and internal funds. Non General Form

FUND - Fund

Use this form to request or modify a department, fund, program or class. Fund Chartfield Modification Form

RFOR - Research Fund Overdraft Request

Research Fund Overdraft Request Form

SSJ - Spreadsheet Journal Templates
  • Spreadsheet Journal Template files (these 3 files must be saved into the same directory as they work as a team):
  2. JRNLMCRO.xla
  3. JRNLMCRO.xlam
General Ledger Guidance Materials

Online Training for General Ledger (FIN105) and Management Accountant Induction (FIN108) is available in Moodle. 
Please go to MyUNSW to register for these modules - the pre-requisite for all Finance training is FIN-101 An Introduction to Finance.

  •  please search using course code and enter FIN into the course code field in myUNSW;
  • this will list all the Finance modules;
  • once you have registered for training the module will be available for you in Moodle on the following day (as registration runs overnight).

How to register for online training

Please note these materials are in the process of being updated, anyone enrolled in these two modules will be advised when they are retired and send a link to the new materials.

Checklist for the successfull use of Spreadsheet Journals:



Payroll Allocations

Payroll Allocation Handbook

If you can't open the handbook please right click, save the file to your desktop and open it from there.  Click here for troubleshooting tips.