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Credit Card

Do you need to buy goods and services on behalf of UNSW? Do you need to travel for work?

Your UNSW credit card is an easy way to pay for your travel (including flights and accommodation) and for many goods and services under $3000 (including GST) where no UNSW preferred supplier exists.

If you are buying from a UNSW preferred supplier, or the cost is over $3000, you will need to raise a purchase order.

What do you want to do?

Credit Card Forms
CC1 - Credit Card Application Form

To be used when applying for a new credit card.  (You are required to bring this original form with you when you collect your credit card.)   CC1 Credit Card Application Form

CC2 - Limit Change Form

To be used when requesting a change to your credit card limit. CC2 Credit Card Limit Change Form

PCDT - Transaction Declaration Form

This form is to be completed when there is no invoice/receipt for a credit card transaction. PCDT Transaction Declaration Form

PCFAX - Facsimile Order Form

Ordering goods by means of a form. PCFAX Facsimile Order Form

Credit Card Reconciliation Training

Register for online Credit Card reconciliation training - FIN102

1. Go to myUNSW and Sign On

2. Under My Staff Profile, then Manage My Profile, select - My ProfileLearning and Development Request Training EnrolmentSearch by Course Number

3. Enter FIN102 

You will receive an email the following day confirming registration. 

If you have questions about registering for online training please contact Finance Training Information

Need help?

concerned about possible fraudulent activity on your card? Go to Manage my card

For detailed information about UNSW credit cards go to the  Credit Card Procedure and the UNSW Credit Card Policy