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Latest buying news

The Strategy 2025 Operational Excellence review has reviewed the support services at UNSW to identify where there are potential opportunities to improve efficiency and service excellence. A number of initiatives are underway designed to source the best deals for the university and deliver improved value, efficiencies and cost savings. 

What is changing

We have changed our preferred office products supplier from Complete Office Supplies (COS) to Staples, who were previously known as Corporate Express.

Why is it changing?

UNSW is part of  University Procurement Hub (UPH), which is made up of 17 universities who have combined their joint purchasing volumes to collectively leverage better supplier deals in a number of spend areas. This partnership with Staples is the first agreement that is being implemented through UPH. Working with UPH will achieve 18% saving across a comprehensive basket of office products commonly used across UNSW. This is a better result than UNSW could have achieved by tendering on our own.


FAQs - New Office Product Supplier, Staples

What do I have to do?

The University expects everyone to buy all office supplies from Staples.

Buyers – you will follow the same ordering process as you currently do with COS. However, to make a purchase you will need to select Staples as the supplier within NS Financials to take you to the Staples UNSW Web page.

If you need office products supplies - we will be sharing Staples catalogues with you as required to view the products, but you will need to order any supplies via your buyer.

Who can I contact for questions or issues?

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact our Finance Help Desk via email.  The contact details are:
Phone:  You may also call the Finance Help Desk on 5 3330

Why has the university decided to change suppliers?

UNSW regularly reviews key contracts and tests them in the open market, with other providers to ensure we maximise value for money across a range of areas.

What is the benefit to the university?

With Staples, UNSW gains access to a broader range of office products at better prices. With Staples, UNSW also has the opportunity to implement a completely paperless ordering, invoicing and payment processes which is highly efficient.

What’s included in this new Staples deal?

The new office products contract UNSW has with Staples covers stationery, photocopy paper, computer consumables, kitchen and janitorial supplies.

Is the use of Staples mandated?

The University expects everyone to buy all office products supplies from Staples. UNSW gains the most commercial benefit by purchasing office products from Staples; we have entered into an agreement with Staples making them the sole preferred supplier of office products.

What about the quality of the product?

As with other office products suppliers, Staples has its own branded products which complement its line-up of other brands of products. Every product Staples supplies undergo a rigorous quality assurance process as part of its release into the catalogue.

How do I obtain a log-in to order from Staples?

Buyers are able to obtain access to NS Financials. If you do not have access to NS Financials you will need to apply for access.  If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact our Finance Help Desk via email.  The contact details are:
Phone:  You may also call the UNSW Finance Help Desk on 5 3330

Will the ordering process be the same?

The ordering process will remain via the NS Financials. The only difference is that the product selection will take place online within the Staples catalogue environment.

How do I obtain a Staples catalogue?

Phone:  You may also call the Staples Customer Support on 13 26 44

If I don’t see a product in the Staples catalogue that I used to buy from COS, what should I do?

You can contact Staples Customer Support, the contact details are:
Phone:  You may also call the Staples Customer Support on 13 26 44

How often will Staples deliver to UNSW? 

  • Purchase orders received by Staples by 4pm will allow delivery to occur as follows:
  • Metro locations - Next business day delivery for Sydney and Canberra from day of order

All other locations - Delivery on second business day from day of order

If I have placed an order with COS before transition to Staples, what should I do?

Orders which have been sent to (and have been accepted by) COS prior to the transition to Staples, will be fulfilled by COS.  This includes any back-orders where we are waiting for COS to supply the balance of an order, or orders which have involved any returns where UNSW is waiting for products to be re-supplied.

What happens if I attempt to place an order with COS on or after the transition to Staples?

Once Staples is live, the ordering process via NS Financials will be to select the Staples supplier.  The COS catalogue should no longer be selected; and will in future be removed from NS Financials.  Where UNSW attempts to place orders with COS via phone or e-mail, COS will direct the order (or enquiry) back to the UNSW buyer to place an order with Staples.