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Account Codes

The General Ledger captures all our Financial Activity. Information from the General Ledger is used by UNSW to analyse, report and monitor the results of our business.

The General Ledger is updated via processes that run between it and other parts of the system (i.e., Accounts Payable) or via interfaces from other systems. The journals that are generated by these processes are referred to as Automated/System Generated Journals.

Faculty & Divisional Support Forms
L30 - Request for Internal Debit

Use this form for a request for Internal Debit, single entry. l30_request_for_internal_debit.pdf

L50 - Request for Internal Debit

Use this form for a request for Internal Debit, multiple entry. L50 Request for Internal Debit

BCJR - Bulk Charge Journal Request

Use this form to request a Bulk Charge Journal (Debit/Credit). BCJR Bulk Charge Journal Request Form

PROCESS - Process

Flow diagram of the process of adding or changing Chartfields in NS Financials. Process Flow

ACCOUNT - Account

Application to add or modify an Account code. Account Chartfield Modification Form Modification Form

DEPT - Department

Application to add or modify a dept, Fund, Program or Class. Department Chartfield Modification Form Modification Form

PROJECT - Project

To apply to add or modify a Project for Non General Fund projects, send an email request to 


Application to open a Project for the receipt of external and internal funds. Non General Form

FUND - Fund

Use this form to request or modify a department, fund, program or class. Fund Chartfield Modification Form

RFOR - Research Fund Overdraft Request

Research Fund Overdraft Request Form

SSJ - Spreadsheet Journal Templates


Finance Systems Forms
NSFAR - Access to NS Financials

Complete this form NS Financials Access Request to apply or change your access to NS Financials. (This is an interactive online form. It can't be printed.)

Note: clicking a link in the form will delete any information that you have entered - click on the links before you start entering into the form.

NS Financials Role Explanations

CDBU - Request to Change Default Business Unit

Please complete this form to request to change your default business unit. Request for Business Unit Change Form.pdf

SSJ - Spreadsheet Journal Templates

Spreadsheet Journal templates 2017

SSJT - Spreadsheet Journal Upload Setting up Guide
Spreadsheet Journal Upload Setting up Guide.pdf
SJHD - Spreadsheet Journal Help Document (Calumo)

Spreadsheet Journal Help Document (Calumo).doc

SETF - Systems Enhancement Template

Complete Part 1 of this template systems_enhancement_template.pdf to request an enhancement to NS Financials. Once Part 1 has been completed, please send it to Greg Kasch. 

GSET - Guidelines

Guidelines for completing the Systems Enhancement Template. Guidelines for Completing the Systems Enhancement Template.pdf

General Ledger Guidance Materials

Online Training for General Ledger (FIN105) and Management Accountant Induction (FIN108) is available in Moodle. 
Please go to MyUNSW to register for these modules - the pre-requisite for all Finance training is FIN-101 An Introduction to Finance.

  •  please search using course code and enter FIN into the course code field in myUNSW;
  • this will list all the Finance modules;
  • once you have registered for training the module will be available for you in Moodle on the following day (as registration runs overnight).

How to register for online training

Please note these materials are in the process of being updated, anyone enrolled in these two modules will be advised when they are retired and send a link to the new materials.

Checklist for the successfull use of Spreadsheet Journals: