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Welcome to oneFinance

The oneFinance team provides specialist skills and financial expertise to faculties and divisions across the University.

While each of our six teams have distinct responsibilities, they work closely together to ensure our customers get a seamless service. In other words, no matter who you ask a question of in finance, they will help you.

Finance Service Contacts

Services we offer

Finance Operations

The Director of Finance Operations is Michelle O’Connor 

Finance Operations – Includes the Finance Services Teams

The team:

  • Manages accounts payable and receivable
  • Purchases goods & services
  • Processes customer billing
  • Processes credit card expenses
  • Processes expense reimbursements
  • Manages travel administration

Research Finance

The Acting Director of Research Finance is Chris Pratt

The team:

  • Opens new grant projects in the finance system
  • Provides advice on grant balances and treatment of any surplus or deficit
  • Provides advice on allowable expenditure
  • Monitors compliance with grant rules - including advice on purchasing and credit card expenditure
  • Prepares calculations to advise on total payroll costs for staff salaries charged to research projects
  • Ensures timely billing of grant bodies
  • Ensures timely allocation of interest to projects where applicable
  • Prepares progress and finance reports for submission 

Management Reporting and Analysis

The Director of Management Reporting & Analysis is Lynette Petrie

The team:

  • Prepare budgets
  • Prepare forecasts
  • Perform non-research general accounting
  • Provide management reports & analysis
  • Provide business advice & support

Business Partner

Deputy CFO is Matt Cressman

The team: 

  • Develops UNSW’s finance strategy
  • Provides commercial support
  • Undertakes student load and workforce planning
  • Provides business advice & support.

Treasury, Investments and Insurance

The Director of Treasury, Investments and Insurance is Andrew Fellowes

The team:

  • Manages UNSW’s investments
  • Manages treasury and insurance 

Group Financial Control

The Director of Group Financial Control is Catherine Yeung

The team:

  • Performs statutory financial reporting
  • Manages policy, financial compliance and financial process control
  • Provides specialist advice and support including tax
  • Manages financial data integrity
  • Manages tax compliance

Our leaders

dpe-qcj2017-330_0.jpg dpe-qcj2017-349_0.jpg


Catherine West
Acting Chief Financial Officer

Matt Cressman
Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Stephen Rees
Chief Financial Officer

Join us on the journey


Join us on the journey (PDF)


Finance staff interviews


Staff Interviews - September 2017

Four UNSW Finance staff members share a little bit about their roles and what they are looking forward to as we move towards oneFinance.