Visiting Academic Payments

The purpose of the calculator is to assist staff in planning for payments to Visiting Academics to ensure these are tax compliant for the University. It is not intended to provide tax advice to the Visiting Academic. Visiting Academics should seek their own personal tax advice in relation to any payments made to them in relation to their visit.

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How much will the school be providing the Visiting Academic?

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Dual Purpose Calculator

The purpose of the calculator is to assist staff when planning their travel, in particular for instances where private days are included in a business trip. For tax compliance purposes FBT may apply when private days cannot be treated as incidental to a business trip. This is only applicable for staff travelling for business purposes; it does not apply for students, who are travelling in their capacity as a student.

As explained in UNSW Travel FAQs: You can combine business and private travel, however there may be obligations arising from combining the two travel purposes. Travellers must be aware that if the number of private days exceeds 49% of the total days, FBT may be payable, or only an applicable proportion of the travel cost should be paid by the University.

Please enter the name of traveller
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What is the main purpose of the trip?

Entertainment Expenses

The purpose of the tool is to assist staff in planning for entertainment and food and drink costs, and determining the GL account to use when coding the expense. It also identifies whether the expense will incur FBT.

Please select who is the entertainment expense provided to



The purpose of the tool is to supplement the Vendor Creation Form, and to assist users in determining the GL account to use when coding the labour cost of a contractor or consultant. Correct coding of the contractor’s labour cost is important for Payroll Tax reporting. As the Vendor Creation Form and this calculator stand alone, the Payroll Tax questions and Vendor classification are relevant in determining the account allocation. You can refer to the responses on the Vendor Creation Form in answering the Payroll Tax questions.

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The purpose of this questionnaire is to determine if the grant received by UNSW is for GST purposes outside the scope of GST (e.g. an appropriation), GST-free (e.g. provided to a non-resident, and other requirements have been met) or otherwise subject to GST. There are seven sequential sections to this questionnaire. However, not all sections will need to be completed if the GST treatment can be determined from responses to an earlier section. Each section is attempting to determine whether the criteria of a specific provision of the GST legislation has been satisfied. As each provision needs to be considered on a "stand alone" basis, it may mean that a limited number of questions are repeated in the sections. If you are unsure of the answer to a question, leave the response blank.

For GST - Non Grants refer to the Template of Revenue Streams


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